Thursday, December 24, 2015

Baba Shuddhaanandaa distributes blankets to the elderly poor

December 23, 2015 I was privileged to be blessed by those who live on the streets around the temple of Kalighat, Calcutta. Elderly souls in whose eyes I could see god, while distributing woolen shawls. They are also the ones who receive free lunch of freshly cooked food everyday of the year on behalf of our Lokenath Divine Life Mission. What a blessing to be an instrument of service to poor and destitute. My heart's gratitude to all of them who gave me the opportunity to serve them and also showered me with their blessings. 

Love and light. ~~Shuddhaanandaa ~~

A priceless smile of gratitude says it all!

Baba offers the shawl and she says I know that only God is truth, 
He truly takes care of me through persons like you, so kind and generous.

Baba offers gentle and loving reassurance.

Baba humbly receives this grateful woman’s Pranams.

A gift of warmth and love!

 Baba after draping the shawl to this destitute woman offers Prasad the blessed food.

 A warm blessing to a very grateful heart.

 Baba drapes the warm shawl over this physically challenged 
man’s shoulders with loving care.

 Baba gives his blessing to a homeless man.

 Baba visits Kalighat Temple to gift woolen shawls to the 
destitute women who also received daily anna dana seva, regular lunch.

 A deeply touching photo of Baba assisting an
elderly gentleman after he receives his shawl.

Baba with street children of Kalighat Street School, 
they are most happy when Baba visits their school and plays with them.

Subhas is mentally and physically challenged since birth, he joined Baba’s Street School in 1994 and ever since gradually improved his capacity to communicate, every time Shuddhaanandaa ji came to visit the street school he came to be in his arms, and here it is, he grabbed Baba and was most peaceful in his loving arms. Baba says, there is no peace we have to live peace, and one simple way is to open our hearts to those who are less privileged and feel the love that is God. 
To serve the poor is to serve God.

This is Rajnandini, the angelic child of the street school greeting 
Baba with the gift of her loving smile!!

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