Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We are, once again, at the brink of completing one more year of our journey of life on this most blessed planet Mother Earth. We all are passing through a transition time in the human history. On the one side we see millions all over the world meditating, praying and worshiping the Divine from diverse paths only for individual and World Peace. On the other side we see thousands of people who are trained in acts of barbaric terrorism which are unleashed on the most innocent and loving souls.

It is also the irony of fate that at the same time, the overwhelming greed in the minds of people and the financial institutions in advanced countries are leading us into a global economic crisis of unprecedented dimensions. The gloom seems to be deepening every day.

But we humans are blessed with the infinite power of our Spirit and Mind. This is not the time when we can allow ourselves to be overpowered by the reality of the crisis. We need to always remind ourselves of the reality of the Higher World, the Power of Positive Mind. If individually and collectively we evoke our Positive emotions of prayerfulness and meditation, if we usher in the New Year with our heart and soul surrendered at the Altar of the Divine, who is Infinite Compassion, then we all can be instruments of divine transformation.

By denying the lower forces we can allow space for the Higher forces to work in our individual lives and also in the collective life of humanity. Yes, we all want nothing in this world today and in the New Year but Peace, abiding peace for all beings on earth. Yes, it is possible provided you and I join hands together in Spirit, and walk the path of positive light and grace and spread ions of peaceful coexistence and spiritual oneness.

May Christ Consciousness, which is divine consciousness, touch our souls and uplift us to welcome the New Year with open hearts and open minds of optimism, peace and happiness.

Love prevails in our hearts in union with the Divine,

Copyright © 2008 Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship