Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am in such awe and shock as i see the devastation in the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami in Japan, that i have lost all my words to express the deepest pain in my heart for hundreds of families who have lost their lives and lives of their dear ones.

Energy in her destructive manifestation is the most painful thing to witness, but the same energy in her manifestation of love is so full of compassion.

Let us all join our hearts in prayers to the Mother Divine so that She manifests Her compassionate form to her erring children. Who else but Mother can forgive Her children for any mistakes.

I do pray to all our devotees to sit in silence and feel deeply the pains of those who are in agony in Japan as if it is happening to ones who are members of their own families, and open their hearts in earnest prayers to the Lord of the Universe who is the Sustainer of life in this planet to have compassion for the afflicted in the Tsunami that hit Japan.

We have no powers other than to be in the path of Truth and Love and fill the world with positive vibrations of peace love and harmony. We can only pray with tears of devotion to melt the heart of the Most Compassionate One.

Pray and Meditate and evoke all that is Positive Light in this world for that is the need of the Hour.

Prayerful child of God,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lokenath Divine Life Mission Celebrates 25th Jubilee

Lokenath Divne Life Mission, founded by Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, celebrated its 25 Years of Celebration of service to the suffering humanity on 12 and 13 February 2011.

Colorful Dance presentation by the little angels of Mission run Street Children School, Kalighat

The Mission serves hundreds of thousands of poorest of the poor women and children in slums of Kolkata and islands of Sunderbans through Micro Credit, Children's Education and Community Health services with prime focus on 'Preserving dignity. Creating Consciousness'.

Children from Sunderban Village projects perform awesome gymnastics show at the Festival

Gosaba and Hingulganj islands of Sundarbans, our project hubs, come with amazing Yoga and gymnastic teams

Yoga and gymnastic is mandatory for all children in the Villages and Slum Street schools run by the Mission.

Gymnastic performance of the Mission's village schools stunned the audience.

An ailing child from our Sunderban school recovers through Yoga and gives his wonderful show

On 12 a very colorful procession through the busy streets of Kolkata "Nagar Sankirtana" was conducted followed by thrilling performance of dance and yoga by children of Village and Street schools.

Baba Lokenath (1730-1890) mounted on a decorated Chariot lead the Procession in South Kolkata on 12th Feb.

Men and women joined in large number in the procession on Calcutta streets with Baba Lokenath in a Chariot

Street and Village children of Mission's schools demonstrate "Education for all" at the procession

On 13 Holy ceremonies, distribution of prasad and also Bhajan and Chants were conducted highlighted by Baba Shuddhaanandaaji's Bhajans and enlightening discourse on Life and Teachings of Baba Lokenath and also on The art of Transcendence.

Baba Shuddhaanandaa in ecstasy chanting the Divine Name

A section of the devotees at the Auditorium listening to Baba's Chants

Distribution of Prasad to thousands of devotees

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