Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Baba

Radiant Eternal Spirits,

The mood of celebration is all over the world. Let us all celebrate the advent of 2010, a year that brings with it the promise of fulfillment of our deepest intentions.

As we think so we become. Let us breathe peace and let peace permeate every cell of our bodies and then ripple over to the rest of creations.As co-creators let us all resolve to hurt none and heal all as moments are presented to us, gifts from the Universe.

True Happiness is to share with those who are less privileged than us, care for those who need our help, and inspire others in the path of Light and Love by our own example.

Happy New Year 2010, it sums up to number 3 which represents the Guru, the Divine Force that dispels darkness. May the Divine Positive Light dispel the darkness of all negativity and fear from the hearts of us all and usher in Joy that springs eternally, effortlessly from the very core of our Beings.

May peace and bliss permeate the world.

Love and Gratitude to you all for joining me in the path of Light and Love.Baba

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baba Visits a Home for Seniors

On 27 November Baba visited a home for seniors at Salt Lake, India. He shared his love and wisdom of the sages with the inmates of an old age home called Asha Niketan, which means the Home of Hope. About 30 inmates gave Baba a warm welcome. Baba said “I have come to meet my mothers and am thankful to each one of you for sharing your presence.”

Then Baba explained the Vedic period four stages of life. Brahmacharya, a period of 25 years, was where the child was a student and lived with the Master. They learned all arts,sciences, the art of Meditation and self control.

At 25 years one became a Householder, facing all the challenges of family life. Their knowledge was put to an acid test and they to matured into deeper seekers of the Wisdom.

At 50 years, they were ready to go to the Third Ashram called Vana Prastha, or the forest life. The householder gives up all family ties and retires into seclusion of the forests. Here they were immersed in the contemplation of the Divine Reality, detached from all worldly things.

Finally at 75 they were ready for the 4th Ashram called Sannyas, or State of equanimity. They lived a full 100 years as the most virtuous soul sharing the bliss of the Divine life.
Baba said "You have completed your family commitments, you have no more fetters or duties to your family, and now you are in the third stage of Vana Prastha. In olden times they would retire into seclusion, now you retire into a Home living with people of similar age and mental make up. Now is the time for you to detach your mind from all that is worldly and connected to your painful memories of the family life. It is your time to prepare your mind and soul for the 4th stage of Freedom from all bondage into a state of Divine Absorption.

Many of the senior women asked Baba "We are not able to forget the painful memories of the past; they haunt us all the time and cause all our sufferance, How do we get rid of them?”Baba said "First try to understand that the past is dead and gone, it will never come back to life. You keep it alive by feeding it with your energies. Once you know the cause you can start working from there. When ever the negative thoughts of the past come clogging your mind, wake up, and without any sense of condemnation just offer those thoughts into the Light of the Divine that you worship in your heart. Let each of the dark forces be offered to the Light so that they dissolve. You have to reverse your habitual pattern by cultivating a very Positive Attitude to everything that God has given you at this moment. Start counting your gifts, and always fill yourself with gratitude and love for all that is good with you. You only have to have the conviction that you can, and you will achieve it. Don't give up your efforts to wake up and become the worshipers of Light.

When Baba was about to leave, the old loving women came to take Baba's blessings, but Baba said, “I have come here to receive lots of blessings from my old mothers.” They were in tears, and said, "No one has come to us and showed us this path of light with such simple words and humility."

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is a sweet little angel from the Garcha Street school beaming with joy to receive new clothes and sweets from Baba on the eve of the festival of Durga Puja. Every year on the eve of this festive occasion, the Mission distributes new clothes to all the children of the Mission run street schools around the city of Calcutta.

Another girl from Garcha street school and she has grown up with the Mission, for when she first joined the mission run school she was a small girl of 5 years. Baba gives her the gift of news clothes to her.
Namaskar with gratitude from a young student of Garcha school

This is a very joyful girl from Kalighat Street school. The Kalighat street school draws its students from the families who live on the road side pavements and huts. They are very poor. Yet, look at the face of this girl performing a dance right on the road where the school sits with such joy and positive light on her face. The other children look on.

Isn’t she so cute! They are deprived of most things that go to make one happy in life, yet they are the children who teach us one and all, that happiness is an attitude and it is the positive light of the Soul.

Subhash is physically and mentally challenged. He joined Kalighat street school when he was a small boy, he has been with this school for last 14 years. He loves Baba and always wants to be comforted by his touch and hug. When he joined the school he could not talk nor could he walk properly, but the love and attention of the teachers and volunteers of the Mission and the Grace of Baba Lokenath (whose ardent devotee he is) transformed him and he started to talk and walk. Now he sings when the music class is on. Dance when the dancing class is on session. Paints when the drawing teacher comes to teach them creative paintings.

Baba with Subhash and the street side where the Kalighat street school is located. The children look on compassion in action.

The children of SwinHoe Street school perform “We shall overcome” the dance that steals the show. They were participating in Dance Competition hosted by another NGO in Calcutta.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breathe for Bengal Fund Raiser a Big Success

On July 18, 2009 the Circle of Compassion Meditation Group of Naperville, Illinois, USA hosted a fund raiser for Lokenath Divine Live Fellowship. The event raised over $1,000 for Baba's Mission's work.
Members of the Circle of Compassion Meditation Group prepare for the benefit the night before.

Here one of the participants gets ready to purchase a copy of Baba's book Making Your Mind Your Best Friend.
One of the members of the Circle of Compassion Meditation Group demonstrates the breathing and relaxation exercises that Baba taught to the group when he visited last May.

Another member of the Meditation Group led all the participants through several yoga poses based on Savroopa Yoga.

The evening ended with a wonderful Gong Bath where 30 bowls and a gong was played while the participants joined together in Meditaton.

Baba says:
"It is lighter music, deeper contemplation and united prayer that would create the ripples both inner and outer which would individually and collectively helpful." During this beautiful evening there was plenty of this, and all were blessed, both the receivers and the donators.
“What ever you give to the poor and needy, the Divine receives it.”

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Dear Baba, All the street school children of LDLM Wishes You A Very Happy Birthday!! Today I made a visit to Kalighat where all the street children came up dressed for the occasion Wishing their Baba A Very Happy Birthday! Food packets were distributed to the street children from the Mission. From there I went to our Garcha center where they made an elaborate arrangement to Celebrate Baba's Birthday. They had purchased a Birthday Cake for Baba with candles. We all sung Happy Birthday To You ! Happy Birthday Baba! They all offered the cake to Baba ... One child offered me a piece of cake with her own hands which I readily had. I also went to Swinhoe slums. There children came with Roses that they offered to their Dearest Baba and prayed to him. It was all joy and fun ! We all celebrated your Birthday knowing that your Blessings are always with us. We all love you. That's what the children had to convey to Baba. They have a complain why their Baba didn't come to visit them.. I told them he is with you all the time! From Babai in Kolkata

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baba's visit to Hingalganj on February 6, 2009

Baba, along with the Mission's guest Ann Shannon, made his annual visit to Hingalganj for the festival celebrating LDLM and its work. The villagers were overjoyed to see their Baba. The Self Help Group (SHG) women met Baba and escorted him to Baba Lokenath's Temple, which they e constructed with the Mission's help. Baba served 4,500 people food prepared by SHG women
with grains provided by the grain bank of Dulduli.

In the afternoon all SHG women came to meet Baba to discuss their achievements and the problems they are facing with their groups. The bank managers always give them trouble when withdrawing money from bank or a loan disbursement. Baba and LDLM Rural Program Director, Amalendu Haldar, presented details of a plan to Cluster SHGs in groups of 20. The bank manager will then have to deal with one very skilled committee that represents all SHG transactions and accounts. The committee will submit complaints to Bank officials if the bank managers obstruct the loan or banking process in any way.

Baba reminded the SHG women that the main target of the Mission is to make them economically independent and to believe in their own abilities. He assured them that Baba Lokenath's blessings are always with them in their endeavors to become self reliant, and that
the network of support that they provide to each other is an irreplaceable, precious safety net.

The villagers and SHG members then felicitated Baba and Ann and other guests with flowers. Then the children from the families of SHG members presented songs, poems, dance-drama and highly advanced yoga and gymnastics program that thrilled the crowd. Baba addressed the villagers and stressed the importance of this human body, how we are blessed as human beings to have organs like eyes, nose, ears, brain and heart, which gives us so many different types of senses. "Express your gratitude to the Lord for all these blessings and create awareness through the gift of your Body," Baba said. The villagers treasured every word Baba spoke.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flexible to the Core, Yoga Students from Villages Perform at Annual Celebration

Baba's visit to Hingalganj on 6th Feb,'2009 -- Baba, along with the Mission's guest Ann Shannon, made a visit to Hingalganj for the festival they put on celebrating LDLM and its work for Baba's annual visit.

Flexible to the Core - Our yoga teacher Nimai Biswas showed us what we can do with our body through yoga. His students gave a spectacular show of yoga and gymnastics, including human pyramids, high wire feats with fire, and having 3 fully grown, strong men get inside a single, 1/3 meter steel circle . Ann just could not believe her eyes what she witnessed. She was busy snapping away with her camera. Everybody praised our yoga teacher for his work he is doing for the villagers through Lokenath Divine Life Mission.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A talented young painter and former LDLM preprimary studentand encouraged to continue developing his artistic skills.

Asgar Ali, a talented young painter and former LDLM preprimary student, had an exhibit of his work at the festival. Asgar had drawn a sketch of Baba which he showed and later presented to Baba. Baba was deeply touched by how Asgar had captured Baba's energy, and encouraged Asgar to continue developing his artistic skills.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baba's Visit to Gosaba, Bijaynagar on 1st of February, 2009

Baba and our guest, Ann Shannon, were greeted in the Bali village by the Mission's project supervisors and Self Help Group women, as Baba landed from the boat to visit the Bengal Tiger Conservation Project compound. A huge crowd formed to welcome and escort Baba to the Mission's compound at Bijaynagar. The villagers celebrated every moment Baba was with them with broad, beaming smiles.

The SHG women prepared the food to be served to 8,000 villagers from the grains collected from their own, hard earned effort. This day is special, as all the nearby villages and villagers come to participate in what has become the favorite annual local festival. They are all served a meal. Baba served food with his own hands to the children and elderly.

In the evening, all the school children and students presented a wonderful, culturally rich program of poem recitals, elegant traditional dances, music, playful nature skits, and advanced yoga. Ann Shannon, the guest of LDLM, was overwhelmed by the extraordinary program, all of the effort and planning it obviously required, and the immense talent of the performers.

She was especially pleased to hear women's personal stories of the SHGs. The people of Gosaba were delighted to see their Baba and hear Baba's inspiring words, which they will carry to their heart for the next year. Baba spoke of the importance of lending a helping hand to one another other in leading a happy and prosperous life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Life Given by Lokenath Divine Life MIssion

An Indian family of four living in the Sunderban region, Gosaba Bally district, Vijaynagar village, was stricken by poverty. The family consisted of a brother named Koushik Bera, a sister named Bandita Bera, and their father and mother. Due to unfortunate reasons the mother fell seriously ill and was admitted to a local hospital. The family did not have money to pay for proper medication so it was not given to her. As a result she suffers from a chronic mental illness. The children’s father was a mason and used to come for work in Kolkata. While in Kolkata, he remarried and neglected his earlier family totally. He would not even send money to his family.
Brother Koushik was adopted by a school teacher and Bandita was left alone in the house. Stricken by poverty she was left with no option but to borrow from people in the name of her father. As the lenders came to know about it they realized they would never get their money back. They tried to molest little Bandita. Bandita somehow managed to flee from their grasp and fled home. Panic stricken, she would not come out of the house. She lay at home without food for fifteen days.

A local coordinator of Lokenath Divine Life Mission contacted Baba and informed him of the situation of little Bandita. Baba instantly asked the coordinator to take steps and rescue Bandita. The Mission took full responsibility for Bandita and shifted her to a safe place and arranged for her food and daily needs. She was admitted to school where she was studying in ninth standard. This year she has passed her 10th grade examination by the grace of God.
Now she has been admitted to 11th grade and she is happily staying in a student's hostel adjacent to the school. She gave a spectacular solo dance performance. Her dancing talent is immense, but she is also very bright and now has 4 tutors to foster her rapidly advancing academic life. Under the loving guidance of the SHG women and the Mission, she is flourishing as never before. Baba blessed her with all his heart as she grows into a perfectly healthy, accomplished young woman.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship President Ann Shannon visits the Sunderbans with Baba

Ann Shannon, President of Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship, a branch of Lokenath Divine Life Mission in the United States, was recently a guest of the Self Help Group (SHG) women in the Sunderbans and accompanied Baba on his annual visit.

While there Ann heard many true stories of how incredible the SHG are!

SHG Group Intervenes to Save Village
Family in Time of Health Crisis

When a Gosaba area village woman recently fell critically ill and required Rs. 30,000 for immediate hospitalization and treatment, the family was going to be forced to sell their land, their only means of survival. The local LDLM SHG called an emergency meeting to discuss whether they could lend the large sum of money to the family. The woman was not an SHG member, so this loan would be made outside of the SHG's rules. The group members had to wrestle with the very real question of what would happen if the family could not pay the money back, since that would threaten the very survival of the SHG and its ability to function. Binodini Mondal, the cashier of the SHG since 1997, and Anima Mondal, SHG President, and Sushma Mondal, the Group's Secretary, stepped forward to personally guarantee repayment of the huge sum over time if for any reason the loan was not repaid. The SHG voted to make the loan. The woman received the necessary treatment and is now safely home and well, with her family. Because of the SHG's generosity, the family had the time necessary to raise the funds from other sources. They repaid the loan in only 2 months.

"This is so moving," Ann Shannon said to Baba, "it demonstrates so profoundly the difference that SHGs are making at a human level, the power of their commitment to everyone in their village, and why SHG members are becoming such powerful, honored and respected leaders in their local areas. I cannot imagine a Westerner making this kind of financial commitment to help a neighbor. The power and importance of what SHGs are doing to create a sense of family in their villages is unfathomable.

Share Ann's joy, and help the women and children! If you are in the United States you can make a tax deductible donation to Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship on this site.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We encourage you to make comments on this blog! Your feedback helps us to continue the good work LDLM is doing. We love to hear from you, you are our family, supporting us and sharing with us this beautiful service to God in helping the poor and the needy!
Thank you from Baba and LDLM!


Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of learning in Kolkata. All the street school students of Kalighat, Rashbehari, Swinhoe and Garcha schools are taught to pray to Goddess Saraswati and ask for her blessings so that they all grow up enriched with the power to constantly learn and evolve. Through learning and evolution they then have the tools to fight their poor economic condition and bring smiles in the faces of their parents.

Lokenath Divine Life Mission is committed to bring these street children into mainstream schooling and instill them with confidence in themselves. The Teachers constantly remind the children “Yes, we are with you! You can do it as every other normal child does!” The Mission believes that planting the seed of education in these children will enable them to overcome their miseries and make them bloom in times to come.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sports Held for all the Street Schools of Lokenath Divine Life Mission

17^th January ’09, Saturday was a day full of fun and joy for all the little children of our street schools . This day they all participated in sports meet organized by Lokenath Divine Life Mission.
Little students came well dressed raring to go on the field. The children were so happy they all came to Baba for his blessings. Baba was also full of ecstasy to see his little children bouncing with energy. The events were 100 mts run for the boys and the girls, biscuit race, skipping for girls, spoon and marble race, letter run and a 50 mts run for little children. In total 31 boys and 64 girls participated in the Sports. Each of them gave their best in the events. Baba distributed toffees to them. After successful completion of all the events the children had their lunch on the field. Then there was prize distribution, they were so proud to receive their prizes. Children were distributed little colorful hats which they wore and went to our Ashram and prayed to Baba Lokenath before leaving for their homes.

Let Baba’s grace be on the blessed souls.

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