Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is a sweet little angel from the Garcha Street school beaming with joy to receive new clothes and sweets from Baba on the eve of the festival of Durga Puja. Every year on the eve of this festive occasion, the Mission distributes new clothes to all the children of the Mission run street schools around the city of Calcutta.

Another girl from Garcha street school and she has grown up with the Mission, for when she first joined the mission run school she was a small girl of 5 years. Baba gives her the gift of news clothes to her.
Namaskar with gratitude from a young student of Garcha school

This is a very joyful girl from Kalighat Street school. The Kalighat street school draws its students from the families who live on the road side pavements and huts. They are very poor. Yet, look at the face of this girl performing a dance right on the road where the school sits with such joy and positive light on her face. The other children look on.

Isn’t she so cute! They are deprived of most things that go to make one happy in life, yet they are the children who teach us one and all, that happiness is an attitude and it is the positive light of the Soul.

Subhash is physically and mentally challenged. He joined Kalighat street school when he was a small boy, he has been with this school for last 14 years. He loves Baba and always wants to be comforted by his touch and hug. When he joined the school he could not talk nor could he walk properly, but the love and attention of the teachers and volunteers of the Mission and the Grace of Baba Lokenath (whose ardent devotee he is) transformed him and he started to talk and walk. Now he sings when the music class is on. Dance when the dancing class is on session. Paints when the drawing teacher comes to teach them creative paintings.

Baba with Subhash and the street side where the Kalighat street school is located. The children look on compassion in action.

The children of SwinHoe Street school perform “We shall overcome” the dance that steals the show. They were participating in Dance Competition hosted by another NGO in Calcutta.

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