Saturday, September 20, 2008

Young, Inspiring Trailblazers for the Street Schools and Active Compassion

Carleen Sinton and Jamey Rossano, two 12 year old friends who live in Boston, have been collecting and sending money for the street schools for over a year now. Last Fall, after Carleen's grandma told them about the street schools, Carleen and Jamey got very excited. They wanted to adopt a school. They wanted to do something for these children who had so much less than they did! They quickly got to work raising money to help support the schools. During the school year, they created a program they called "Save The Change" and got their families to save all their coins. Their efforts generated two separate $100 contributions for the schools . Carleen's grandparents were so inspired by Carleen and Jamey's efforts that they sent $400 for the street schools. Then this past summer Carleen started making bracelets to sell in order to raise more money. She makes bracelets and sells them for $1 each; so far, she has raised $23. Jamey has also started making bracelets now; he plans to sell them in his Mother's store. Carleen and Jamey have also sent letters, artwork and photos over to the street schools, so that the children in the schools can learn something about other people in the world, and will know that others in the world love them and think about them. One of Carleen and Jamey's goals is to get some bit of communication going with the children and themselves. (If anyone would be interested in periodically translating a few letters into Bengali from English, and from English to Bengali for that purpose, please email to volunteer). We all have a lot to learn from Carleen and Jamey, their open hearted vision and concentrated effort to reach out and serve others in need.


  1. What a wonderful story! Go Carleen and Jamey!
    And kudos to their families for supporting them in following through with their inspiration.

    Ann Shannon, Portland, OR

  2. Carleen and Jamey you two are doing wonderful work of supporting the street schools. Accolades for you two.Carry on your good work. -Babai,Kolkata,India

  3. What an inspiring story! This makes me wish I were working with a group of children in some capacity. I would share what Carleen and Jamey have done, in hope of inspiring other children here to do the same.


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