Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baba Meets Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Md. Yunus

Baba recently met with Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Md. Yunus , pioneer in the field of Micro Credit as a tool for eradication of poverty. Baba had a long meeting with him in Calcutta on the 17th of August from 5-10 pm, discussing the different aspects of Baba's Micro Credit Program. Baba’s program is being implemented in its purest form in India, vis a vis the model that Prof. Yunus developed in Bangladesh through the Bangladesh Grameen Bank. It was a very fruitful discussion about the possibilities and limitations of the implementation of the model in India. The Nobel Laureate promised Baba all help and cooperation. He highly praised the work that Baba has been doing to empower women in the villages of India, particularly in Sunderbans in West Bengal since the early 90'.

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  1. What a honor, that Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Yunus would spend five hours talking with Baba Shuddhaanandaa about his LDLM micro-credit programs. But then, no wonder, for Shuddhaanandaa's work with women in the villages in known so widely in India and beyond - What impresses me so much about Baba's projects is that they are self-help projects, not charity. They teach and enable people to help themselves AND to help others, so the work in one village has spread to many, many other villages. I am also impressed that these projects are supported and nurtured over time, instead of being one-time grants that may or may not have lasting effects. So while I said "what an honor" that this micro-credit Nobel winner spent so much time with Baba, I think the honor goes the other way as well. But I know that Baba thinks only of the work and how it can be furthered, not of being recognized personally. This is another of the major reasons I wholeheartedly support his mission work.


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