Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baba Visits a Home for Seniors

On 27 November Baba visited a home for seniors at Salt Lake, India. He shared his love and wisdom of the sages with the inmates of an old age home called Asha Niketan, which means the Home of Hope. About 30 inmates gave Baba a warm welcome. Baba said “I have come to meet my mothers and am thankful to each one of you for sharing your presence.”

Then Baba explained the Vedic period four stages of life. Brahmacharya, a period of 25 years, was where the child was a student and lived with the Master. They learned all arts,sciences, the art of Meditation and self control.

At 25 years one became a Householder, facing all the challenges of family life. Their knowledge was put to an acid test and they to matured into deeper seekers of the Wisdom.

At 50 years, they were ready to go to the Third Ashram called Vana Prastha, or the forest life. The householder gives up all family ties and retires into seclusion of the forests. Here they were immersed in the contemplation of the Divine Reality, detached from all worldly things.

Finally at 75 they were ready for the 4th Ashram called Sannyas, or State of equanimity. They lived a full 100 years as the most virtuous soul sharing the bliss of the Divine life.
Baba said "You have completed your family commitments, you have no more fetters or duties to your family, and now you are in the third stage of Vana Prastha. In olden times they would retire into seclusion, now you retire into a Home living with people of similar age and mental make up. Now is the time for you to detach your mind from all that is worldly and connected to your painful memories of the family life. It is your time to prepare your mind and soul for the 4th stage of Freedom from all bondage into a state of Divine Absorption.

Many of the senior women asked Baba "We are not able to forget the painful memories of the past; they haunt us all the time and cause all our sufferance, How do we get rid of them?”Baba said "First try to understand that the past is dead and gone, it will never come back to life. You keep it alive by feeding it with your energies. Once you know the cause you can start working from there. When ever the negative thoughts of the past come clogging your mind, wake up, and without any sense of condemnation just offer those thoughts into the Light of the Divine that you worship in your heart. Let each of the dark forces be offered to the Light so that they dissolve. You have to reverse your habitual pattern by cultivating a very Positive Attitude to everything that God has given you at this moment. Start counting your gifts, and always fill yourself with gratitude and love for all that is good with you. You only have to have the conviction that you can, and you will achieve it. Don't give up your efforts to wake up and become the worshipers of Light.

When Baba was about to leave, the old loving women came to take Baba's blessings, but Baba said, “I have come here to receive lots of blessings from my old mothers.” They were in tears, and said, "No one has come to us and showed us this path of light with such simple words and humility."


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