Friday, February 27, 2009

Flexible to the Core, Yoga Students from Villages Perform at Annual Celebration

Baba's visit to Hingalganj on 6th Feb,'2009 -- Baba, along with the Mission's guest Ann Shannon, made a visit to Hingalganj for the festival they put on celebrating LDLM and its work for Baba's annual visit.

Flexible to the Core - Our yoga teacher Nimai Biswas showed us what we can do with our body through yoga. His students gave a spectacular show of yoga and gymnastics, including human pyramids, high wire feats with fire, and having 3 fully grown, strong men get inside a single, 1/3 meter steel circle . Ann just could not believe her eyes what she witnessed. She was busy snapping away with her camera. Everybody praised our yoga teacher for his work he is doing for the villagers through Lokenath Divine Life Mission.


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